Women Worship

The practise of Women Worship has been a part of our world for thousands of years. Submissive men have taken the worship of women to higher levels. These submissive men have built a lifestyle around serving and obeying Women. Often the women they worship are dominant and strict. These women want to be worshipped and they will train men to do that.

There are many clubs where men can worship women. There are also many dating websites where men can meet women to worship.

For many folks outside the BDSM community, the idea of having a man worship a Dominant woman is strange at best. The last 5,000 years in human history have seen only male gods as the subjects of worship, and most powerful societies in recent memory have been extremely male centric, with women being forced into submissive or secondary roles. But this isnít the natural order of things. Ancient people used to worship female goddesses, and entire civilizations were run by women or with women in prominent positions of power. Every man has an inner desire to place women on a pedestal before society tells him not to, and for some men that are in tune with these desires, they take on submissive roles to do just that.

Submissive men (and most men for that matter if they listen to their inner voices) find the mystical and magical power of the female spirit to be intoxicating. They recognize and acknowledge that women are the more powerful, and that they should be placed on a pedestal to be worshipped. When a woman acknowledges this power in herself, acts dominantly and relishes her feminine gifts, most men cannot resist and will follow whatever this powerful woman wants. Men love worshipping dominant women because it is their rightful place in society, and these submissive men recognize their place. They find comfort and security in this arrangement, and it allows them to break from society and give in to their desire to place women above men.

Men also want recognition and approval from their female counterparts, and even men in traditional relationships will find themselves going to great lengths to ensure that their partners are happy. Submissive men take this a step farther and choose to not only please their partners, but worship them. This allows them to completely indulge the Dominant female in their life, ensuring that her desires are met fully. This gives men great satisfaction knowing that they were able to please the woman in their lives, and is a source of pride.

Another reason men love to worship Dominant women is the slightly taboo, slightly naughty nature of the reversal of roles. For many men, their daily lives are filled with tough decisions and stressful encounters where they are forced to be the boss, but with a Dominant woman, there are no decisions to make. He can simply follow her orders and blissfully submit. The fact that it is a women doing the ordering about makes the situation exciting, and these men find they love being the lowly servant instead of the one in charge.

Honestly there should be more men in this world willing to worship the women in their lives. Women are indeed superb creatures with special gifts that make them worthy of being treated as gods. And they were in fact treated this way for many centuries until men realized their power and worked to oppress it. Men that worship women are simply going back to the natural order of the world and exploring this feminine power all over again as our ancient ancestors did.

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