Sharing The Costs In A Poly Household

It is important when setting up or joining a Poly Household for everyone to sit down and work out the cost sharing arrangement. There are many costs involved in a poly household such as the rent, electricity, food, house and garden repairs, and other costs. What you will find is for long term success in a poly household everyone needs put in an equal and fair share. Sometimes in the beginning people put in more then their fair share and this can lead to problems later on.

A good set up is for everyone to put in an agreed amount each week. The amount should be enough to cover all the expenses of the poly household plus a little extra that should be set aside each week in case of emergencies. Don`t take advantage of others in the poly household. Do the right thing and think of the long term and everything will work out fine.

Sharing costs is one the major problems that a poly household face but this does not negate the fact that there are also many ways to manage the household finances. A very solid agreement on financial matters goes a long way to help the health of the relationship in not just a poly household but other households in general. Comprehensive research has been conducted and it shows that finances were the primary source of conflict for most couples. There needs to be a discussion concerning money by every contributing person in a poly household and there must be a conclusion and agreement on each personís individual contribution. All these are necessary to avoid all the preventable issues and conflicts that money causes in a poly household. Every problem has a solution and often times the solution is located right in the problem itself. So financial challenges in a poly household has its own practical preventive and resolution measures that can be applied and achieve an expected result. Below are some of the tips on how to share costs and also resolve some of the financial challenges that are very common with poly households.

Adopting the principle of expense division by income!
Numerous couples within a poly household earn unequal salaries so itís best to share all the costs in a poly household by income. In this case, each person contributes a certain percentage based on their incomes or alternatively, the bills could be divided in such a way that the persons that earn the most handle a greater percentage of the costs. The main earners in this case may begin to feel resentful because they are making a greater contribution, but if they agree and stick to this principle of expense division, then they are on their way to maintain a healthy financial state or resolve an already existing financial conflict.

But however, to authenticate this principle and increase its acceptability, a new solution has been introduced to at least reduce the resentment that may arise to the minimum. This solution is a kind of trade≠offí or if you like you can refer to it as compensation. It is simply meant for the person that pays the lower bills to have more household responsibilities.

Some other strategies exist to easily curb most of the financial challenges faced in a poly household but they may not be as effective as the one that Iíve shared with you above. One of them is to create a joint account to combine both incomes. If properly implemented, it can promote honesty and transparency but if not, it may result in arguments. But this arrangement can be successful if the personís living in the poly household earn similar incomes. This is of course not commonly attainable. Finally, Iíd like to say that discussing the financial goals in a poly household will not just help in sharing costs but also help to resolve already existing financial conflicts.

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