Sadistic Women

More and more Sadistic Women are searching for a relationship with a submissive man. Sometimes these sadistic women want to train the man to become a slave. Sometimes they want to make the man into a slave husband. There are also many men seeking to marry sadistic women.

Sadistic women and submissive men go well together. The sadistic woman loves to train, discipline and humiliate a submissive man. Many sadistic women enjoy to verbally abuse a man. Sometimes the sadistic woman loves to whip the man into submission.

Sadistic Mistress
There are so many Mistress these days that are sadistic when it comes to slave training. These Mistress love giving pain and discipline to a slave.

And many slave men adore a Mistress that is sadistic. Each Mistress will be different in the way she is sadistic to the slave. Often she will find out what the slave hates most and do that to him.

Often a Mistress will like to submit the slave to long sessions of pain and discipline. The Mistress will sometimes laugh at the slave in pain.

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Female Led Relationship

Mistress In Control