New To Female Led Relationship

For many couples being new to a female led relationship is a very exciting experience. For the man or the woman it may be the first time to be involved in such a relationship. If they have an experienced partner in this type of relationship it may be of help.

If you have a partner who is new to the female led relationship it is important to be patient. It takes time for the partner to learn and develop. Along the way they will make mistakes. If you are the woman who is introducing the man to a female led relationship then you need to be patient in training him. It is a good idea to write down all the rules and place them in a place in the house that he will read them everyday.

If you are new be confident enough to ask questions from people who have experience. Do not mind if at times things seem a bit difficult at first. An experienced woman in a female led relationship should go well at training a man who is new to this.

The most important is to be true to yourself. A female led relationship is not for everyone. If you are new to this type of relationship take your time to be sure this is what you really want.

Many men that have submissive desires, tendencies, or fantasies take years and even decades to act upon these feelings. Maybe itís because itís not fully socially acceptable just yet, or they feel ashamed that they want to be controlled by a woman when society tells them otherwise. But no matter the reason, when youíre ready to take the next step and dive into the world of a Female Led Relationship, it can be quite scary. For new submissive men especially, entering into a Female Led Relationship can be daunting and overwhelming. But if you properly prepare yourself, and ask yourself some tough questions, submissive males may find themselves in the most fulfilling, most deeply satisfying relationship of their lives.

The first thing a submissive male needs to do before consenting to a Female Led Relationship is to question their own personal desires and expectations. Are you ready and willing to submit 24/7 in all aspects of life? A Female Led Relationship is not just about the bed room, and if as a submissive male you are not ready to follow orders, please your Mistress, and give up control in all aspects of life, youíre not ready. Make sure you take the time to really think through what it would mean to lose control of decisions such as what you do in your free time, where and when you work, and what direction you want your life to take. If you are ready to experience the freedom and bliss that comes from letting a woman make these choices for you, then itís time to commit to a Female Led Relationship. If you feel resistance or uncertainty, perhaps submissive play sessions would be a better way to transition into this lifestyle. A Female Led Relationship is not all fun and games, and it requires a lot of work, trust and commitment, so you must be certain that youíre ready.

Once youíve decided to commit to a Female Led Relationship, you also want to have a very frank, very straightforward discussion with the Domme. Find out what her expectations and desires are, and make sure they are compatible with the ones youíve chosen for yourself. Set up ground rules, limits, exceptions, and clearly define your roles in the relationship so that there are no questions later. It may not seem romantic this way, but a Female Led Relationship is very different for each couple, and you want to make sure that the relationship youíre getting involved in is the one you want, and not the one you think youíre going to get.

Another piece of advice is to mentally prepare yourself for a Female Led Relationship. As with any new relationship there is a lot to learn about each other. There will be a period of acclimation that may be rough. Your Domme may want to test your submission and obedience, and you may get overwhelmed. But know that you are confident in the lifestyle you chose, and that this is truly a sign of love and trust.

It is also a good idea to start to shift your mindset to one of pleasing a Mistress before the Female Led Relationship begins. You need to recalibrate your emotions so that they are tied to her happiness and satisfaction, not your own. Strive to be the best servant you can be, and always go above and beyond expectation. Donít just follow orders, truly listen to what your Domme is saying. By listening, you will get a better understanding of her wants and needs so that you can be her perfect, ideal match.

Being new to a Female Led Relationship can be hard, but if youíre honest with yourself and your partner from the very beginning, it can be one of the most satisfying partnerships you can ever experience. Once youíve set the rules and have fully committed, the freedom that comes from giving in to your deep seeded desires to submit will bring joy and happiness that canít be found anywhere else. A Female Led Relationship is not for everyone, but for those that crave it, it is nothing short of magical.

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