You wont just find an Asian Mistress in Asia, have a look around and you can find an Asian Mistress in all parts of the world and they want you to serve them.

Thailand has a reputation for having the most strict and brutal Mistress in Asia. A Thai Mistress will prefer the use of heavy physical over verbal discipline. Cuckolding is often the favorite practise of a Thai Mistress so if your a slave that is interested in cuckolding then you should consider looking for a Thai Mistress to serve.

In Singapore a Mistress is often an expert with the Rattan cane. Many are also experts with the Sjambok. Many Singapore Mistress are sadists who love men that can suffer a high level of pain.

Mistress Jean Shanghai , China
I am a Chinese Dominatrix. I am a lifestyle dominant female in located in Shanghai, China. I love being a Dominant Asian Female. Training sessions are available in my dungeon or in your hotel room. My dungeon is located in central Shanghai, and is equipped with training clothing, tools, and a full range of equipment. Highly recommended. This is a Mistress you should be serving.

Miss Chi, Leeds A beautiful Mistress of Chinese descent. She combines Oriental mystery with Occidental realism. Extensive experience as a lifestyle FemDom and as a ProDomme.

Empress Lucy, Phuket Empress Lucy is a Thai professional Mistress who is known all around the world. She is very experienced and attractive.

Women seeking men for a
Female Led Relationship

Mistress Damiana Chi, A strict Asian Mistress in Los Angeles Her style ranges from compassionately instructional to mischievously playful to fearfully strict to wickedly sadistic.

Chi Sisters
Mistresses Damiana and Jezebel Chi.

Japan Mistress Directory
BDSM is very popular in Japan and in Tokyo you will find many Domina clubs. But please be warned that Domina clubs in Japan can be a very expensive place to visit. Many Japanese couples are into the Domina lifestyle and practise a whole range of fetish.

Mistress Amrita, Tokyo
Fluent in English. Well travelled and very experienced. Attractive.

Mistress In Control