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Serving As A Slave For A Mistress

It can be difficult for a submissive to find the right Mistress. There is much for the submissive to consider and he should think it through carefully. One question a submissive needs ask is if there seeking to serve a Mistress on a casual basis, full time or if their looking for a relationship with a Mistress. Are you happy to serve the Mistress both in private and in public. To what level of submission are you willing to go. Also what is the type of Mistress you are seeking. Do your interests and Her interests match or are they too different. If looking online for a Mistress you also need be careful. There are a lot of scammers out there so don't rush in. Remember, real people will have a real phone number. Photos are often fake, so check people via a cam when you can.

If your seeking only to serve a Mistress part time then thing in what ways you may be of use to her. Some Mistress have need of a sissy maid from time to time. Others may need a chauffeur or an errand slave.

Sjambok, is a traditional whip from South Africa. The name "Sjambok", most probably originated in Indonesia. Sjambok, was the name of a wooden rod for punishing slaves. It was later imported to South Africa as part of the slave trade. The Sjambok is made from Hippopotamus or sometimes Rhinoceros hide. A strip of hide is cut into a strip of 3 to 5 feet long. It is usually around 1 inch thick at the handle. It then reduces to about 3/8 at the tip. The strip is rolled into a circular form to form the whip. The Sjambok is severe. A light lash will raise a serious welt. A heavy lash will cut the skin deep. It leaves a terrible wound and scares the body for life.

The Bullwhip is a single Thong plaited leather whip. The Thong is 8 - 16 strips of leather woven around a center. It is usually around about 2m long. The Handle is usually wooden or flexible cane stick. Often it is wrapped in leather. The Bullwhip should only to be used for cracking.

Arab Strap
An Arab strap, is a strap that goes round the cock and balls. The Arab Strap also separates the balls. The strap is usually with soft pliable leather. Adjustment can be made via a buckling strap.

Bulls Pizzle
The Bulls Pizzle whip is a very old type of whip. It was made from the scrotum of a bull that was stretched to one metre long.

Arm Band
Am Arm Band in bdsm is worn on the upper arm. The Arm Band can be made of rubber, metal or leather. The Right arm indicates a sub, while the left arm a Top.

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Body Harness
A slaves Body Harness is designed to harness the whole torso. The Body Harness for a slave tends to have some weight about it. The Harness may include such things as a cock ring, restraining rings, chastity, etc. The Harness is usually made of rubber, leather, or chain.

Bastinado is a slow type of punishment the Mistress gives to the slave. Using a very light style cane, the Mistress delivers a large number of light stokes to the arse or the soles of the feet. The key here is the number of strokes delivered, not the force. The Mistress uses this style when she wants to deliver a very slow discipline over a long period to her slave.

Blacksnake Leather Whip
The Blacksnake single thong plaited leather whip is a short whip. It`s popularity comes from it`s unique flexibility. The Blacksnake whip is able to be rolled up and kept in a purse.

Chastity Devices
CB-2000: The CB-2000 in effect "cages" the cock. The scrotum and penis are passed through a ring. The CB-2000 comes with plastic security locks that have a serial number. It is however, possible to escape from the CB-2000. However, you can add "points of intrigue", which improve security. Remy Tube : The Remy tube is made of PVC coated with black plastic. Security of the Remy Tube is very good. Although some slaves have been able to get their penis out, the problem is they cant get them back in without unlocking. Mistress Lori`s Tubes : This is actually my favorite. It just offers so much in really training the slave to chastity. There are stainless steel and plastic versions of the tubes. The Tubes are hand crafted to fit the wearers dimensions. The tube fits over the penis and is locked into place with a frenum piercing. Mistress Lori`s Tube also be ordered with a "cage" of stainless steel which fits over the head. The Tube stops erection and masturbation. The device is secure and cannot be gotten out of without breaking the lock or unlocking it. There is also an attachment that fits over the chastity. It is a silicon plastic sheath. The beauty of the sheath, is that it only allows the Female the pleasure of intercourse as it is too thick for any sensation for the male.

Birch Rod
The Birch Rod sometimes is called the "Wand of Venus". Spray Birch: The Spray Birch is usually made from silver birch or downy birch. Straight Birch: The straight birch is usually made from willow or apple.

A type of strap that is used by the Mistress in whipping. Belt can include: Tawse, Rubber, Strap, Leather or Canvass To avoid cutting the belt edges should not be sharp.

Bilboes are a type of Leg irons that slides on a bar in bdsm.

Bungee Board
In BDSM, the Bungee Board is a square board of about 60 x 60cm. It has six hooks, three on two opposite sides, that are used for bondage. Bungee cords are looped through the hooks and around the slave.

Butterfly Board
The Butterfly Board is made of soft wood. The penis and testicles are passed through a hole in the board. The skin is stretched and pinned to the Butterfly Board.

Cat-o-Nine Tails
The Cat-o-Nine Tails is a whip made of a number of thongs attached to a handle. The Thongs are usually made rubber or leather. The Thongs should not be knotted. The Cat should be used in such a way that the tips of the Thongs hit the shoulder blade.

Clover Clamp
The Clover Clamp originally came from Japan where it was used for repairing fishing nets. In BDSM, the Clover Clamp is a type of tit clamp, that when pulled upon, gets tighter.

Corporal Punishment
In BDSM, Corporal Punishment is a term that refers to giving discipline. Corporal Punishment may include such discipline as caning, spanking, flogging, whipping, etc. Corporal Punishment may be used by the Mistress for obedience training, or punishment.

Originally, Cupping was an old medical technique. In BDSM, Cupping is done using a small pump or compressible rubber cups. Cupping is used to increase the skin sensitivity. Cupping may also be used on the Breasts or Penis.

An Enema in BDSM is a anal douche. In BDSM, an enema may be used before any sort of anal play. It can also sometimes be used as a form of punishment.

The use of Exhibitionism in BDSM, is for those that gain some excitement in performing some form of D/s activities in front of those not involved in the D/s scene or lifestyle.

Face Sitting
The use of Face Sitting in BDSM, is when the Mistress sits on and smothers the slaves face.

Within BDSM, a Flogger is a rubber or leather whip that has a lot of flat thongs. The Mistress should use the Flogger around the tips of the shoulder blade.

Ball gag.
Tongue gag.
Bar gag.
Tube gag.
O-ring gag.

In Domination the Mistress may use a Halter to lead the slave, such as in dog training or horse training. The Halter is made from leather or rope.

Katherine Wheel
The Katherine Wheel is often used by a Mistress in Domination. It is a vertical wheel which a slave may be tied to and rotated.

The Martinet comes from the French military academy of St. Cyr designed by Major Martinet. It is a small multi-thong-ed leather whip. The thongs have square cross sections.

Washing Slaves Mouth With Soap
Washing a slaves mouth out with soap is a good way to discipline slaves who say something out of place or who do not speak in the correct tone. The Mistress should use a softer type soap like baby soap for this. Handcuff the slaves arms behind his back, and make him kneel on the floor in front of You. Place gloves on Your hands first. Now wet some soap and insert the soap bar in his mouth, slowly working it around the mouth. Make sure to work the soap in all areas of the mouth giving it a good soaping for several minutes while You also give the slave heavy verbal abuse. Wash the mouth out with fresh water and then soap the slaves mouth again. You may want to repeat the soaping three or four times.

The Tawse was used in the past in schools as a means of giving discipline. In Scotland it was introduced in the 19th century. The original maker of the "Lochgelly Tawse" was Robert Philp. He made it for his daughter who was a teacher. The basics of the Tawsie have remained the same over time. These days the use of the Tawse is very popular among Scottish and English Mistress to discipline their slaves. The Tawse which is made from hide is usually 24 inches long. It is usually split into two or three tails.

Figging, Ginger Root Play
Figging, is a type of anal play using ginger root. It is a highly excellent form of discipline. The best part of figging is that it is a slow process that can involve several steps over a period of time for the slave. The use of Figging dates back to the Victorian Era. Ginger comes in a form that looks similar to a hand with fingers. Although You can buy good size ginger from the store, it is a better idea to get the slave to grow the ginger. This adds to the constant thoughts in the slaves mind that what he is growing is going to be eventually used as a form of discipline. Get the slave to prepare the Ginger under Your guidance. Cut a finger from the hand that is about 4 or more inches long. The Longer is better. Peel off the brown skin. Carve out a concavity around the finger about two-thirds the way down. This acts as a retention much the same as a Butt Plug. Rinse the Finger clean. There is no need to use a lubricant on the finger. Just slowly slide it into the slaves anus to the concavity. Go wash Your hands. Ginger is slow to react. You may like to squeeze the slaves buttocks together. You may now Begin the canning of the slave. Ginger effects last about 20 minutes.

Serving As A Slave For A Mistress

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