Gay Domination

Gay Domination is becoming more and more popular among gay men. The level and kinds of domination and submission can vary among different gay men. Some gay men will belong to a domination and submission group where they may play on a regular basis. But some gay couples may enjoy domination and submission as part of their relationship.

This type of relationship is ideal for those that are Dominant or submissive by nature. Submissive gay men are naturally attracted to Dominant gay men. They gain great pleasure and stability in their relationship. If a relationship involving domination and submission interests you then it is a good idea to find a partner with similar interests.

It is often said by many gay men that there first Gay kiss is the one that was the best. It seems no matter who you talk to, they all remember their first gay kiss. Some men may never have kissed anyone before, some may have only kissed a girl before, while for others it may have just been experimentation. But one thing for sure, everyone recalls how that first gay kiss changed the course of their life. For many men, their first gay kiss is a kind of coming out within themselves. It is like the release they have been waiting for. Same say the first kiss is the best that can never be matched again. Whatever happens, everyone seems to remember that moment of that first kiss.

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Your first gay sex is often the one you will remember all your life. If you are planning your first gay sex experience don't rush into it. Take your time and make sure to choose the right partner. It will be important so make sure its on your terms. One thing of importance during your first gay sex is to make sure you practise safe sex. And a good idea for both you and your partner to get a health check first. Don't rush the sex, take your time and learn. From your first gay kiss, to your first oral sex to your first anal sex, enjoy every moment.

There are many Gay Alpha Men. These gay alpha men are both alpha in their relationships and alpha in their work and personal life. Alpha mean are not dominant, they are two different things. Often many successful businessmen are alpha. Gay alpha men are often goal-driven with a take charge attitude. With their bold approach and confidence, gay alpha men are often described as charismatic. Often submissive gay men are attracted to alpha gay men.

In some gay relationships one partner will take on the role as a bottom while the other partner takes on the role as a top. A gay bottom refers to the partner who receives his partners penis in his anus. A gay bottom should not be confused with a submissive as they are two different things. Though often you will find that a gay bottom is also submissive in the relationship. Partners who take on the role as a bottom in a gay relationship often seek out that role as the bottom. There is a lot to being a good bottom and providing good sexual satisfaction to your top partner.

When a man comes out as a Gay to his family, work and friends it is a very important moment in his life. The gay coming out in many ways should be seen as a celebration of his life and being gay. Many men for various reasons feel scared about coming out. It can often take years for some men to come out as gay to their family and friends. There is no right or wrong way to come out. The main thing is to be patient about it and understanding of others in the same way you want understanding. Coming out can be the start of a new life for many. Take your time and be patient in telling people. You may be surprised how well accepted you are by everyone.

Imagine the fun of being in in a Gay Foursome. Four hot studs in bed all getting it off together. This the sort of thing dreams are made of. If you are interested in a gay foursome, look around for three other guys you can hook up with maybe on a regular basis. Make sure you all practise safe sex. Imagine three other guys in bed with you. Are you all tops and bottoms or just one. Maybe one guy will be the bottom for the other three while they takes turns riding him.

A Gay Gang Bang can bring much fun and pleasure to those involved. A gang bang is different from group sex in that a gang bang there is one member that puts out sexual services for all the other members of the gang bang. Sometimes in a gay gang bang one member will be giving sexual service to 3 or 4 other members of the gay group at the same time. This may include anal sex, oral sex and hand relief all at the same time. If you are getting involved in a gay gang bang make sure to practise safe sex and make sure everyone in the gang bang group has health checks. If you do enjoy gay gang bangs it is a good idea to have a regular group that meets often to enjoy the pleasures of a gang bang.

Gay Group Sex usually involves around several gay men all enjoying the sex of other gay men in the group. It may be a regular get together every week or month. Usually with the same men in the group, but sometimes other gay men are invited to join the group for sex. It is a good idea for those involved in gay group sex to get regular health checks and to always engage in safe sex practises. It is important to have an open relaxed attitude when having group sex. Don't let jealousy get in the way of everyone in the group have a good time. Make the most of the night with dinner and sometimes a good movie. Its a great way for everyone to bond together as friends.

If you are involved in a gay relationship you will enjoy receiving hand relief from your partner. You should also enjoy giving hand relief to your partner. Give and receiving hand relief is an important part of a gay relationship that both partners will enjoy. If you are giving your gay partner hand relief make sure to do it right. Your partner will soon become disappointed if you don`t know how to give him good hand relief. Talk to your partner to find out how he likes his hand relief. When giving him hand relief take note of his reactions. With good communication you will soon out the way to give him the best hand relief. If you are receiving hand relief from your gay partner make sure to let him know what you like and don`t life. With the right communication between you and your gay partner both of you will enjoy the best of hand relief.

The term Gay Highway To Heaven is often used with the gay community to describe the area that goes from the anus to the scrotum. It is a sensitive area that many in the gay community enjoy during sex. Some gay men like the area to be licked, while others like it to be massaged. It is a good idea to talk with your partner to find out what he likes being done in this area. If your not taking advantage of the highway to heaven area it is a good time to start exploring.

You will find most Gay Men will like very much to have their balls played with and playing with other men`s balls. They will enjoy having their balls licked and sucked. Some gay men like having their balls slapped. Good ball play is part of good sex in a gay relationship. It is important to talk with your partner to find out how he likes his balls played with. He must want his balls massaged for a few minutes followed by having his balls licked and sucked. Make sure to do a good job of it and keep his balls well taken care of. A good healthy gay relationship also needs good ball play.

For a lot of men, the Gay Men Glory hole is a great way to get off. Some gay men like to use a glory hole to get it sucked and cleaned. Other gay men like to be the one doing the sucking at the glory hole. Some gay men consider themselves to be a specialist glory hole sucker. There are certain clubs and bars that have glory holes. You can ask around other gay guys and they will be able to tell you the best places for a glory hole. It might also be a good idea to organize a glory hole night where you and your mates can check out the best glory holes in town.

If your gay and your love oral sex then you have the best of both worlds. How lucky you are. When your gay you can get and give oral sex both at the same time. Some gay guys prefer to receive oral sex while others will prefer to give oral. Oral sex is not just servicing the penis but also servicing the balls. Make sure to practise safe sex when engaging in oral sex with your partner. Some gay men don`t like anal sex and will often only do oral sex sex. Talk with your partner and find out what he likes best and makes sure you tell him what you like best. That way you will both get the best out of oral sex.

Engaging in phone sex between you are your gay male partner can be a great pleasure for both of you. Gay men phone sex is a great turn on and can also be used by those couples having a long distance relationship. Phone sex is a great turn on for those gay men into masturbation. You may even want to just have a phone sex only partner. If your interested in gay phone sex, you may want to look on a gay personals website to meet someone anywhere in the world for gay phone sex. If you are already involved in a gay relationship then talk to your partner to see if he would also enjoy phone sex. That may also include sending each other hot sexy texts on your phone.

Going on your first Gay Date can be a very exciting experience. It will be one you will remember all your life so make sure to plan it right. Where will the two of you go, what will you do, will there be sex? So many things to think about on your first gay date. Will it be a candlelight dinner or just something more casual. If you are planning to have sex on your first gay date make sure to practise safe sex. It is a good idea for both of you to get a health check. If things look like they may get serious between you and your new gay lover then the earlier you talk about important issues the better. You may feel it is a good idea to go to a gay friendly place on your first date. This way you and your date will feel more comfortable.

If you are a Gay couple and involved in a serious relationship then it is about time to think about getting a Relationship Agreement. In some countries they are called a prenuptial agreement and in others a binding financial agreement. You both need to put your emotions aside when talking about a relationship agreement. Such an agreement is common sense and a good move. If your partner has a problem with making a relationship agreement you may need to start thinking about this. Do you have more assets then your partner, if so its a good idea to protect yourself.

A Gay Threesome is very popular among many gay men. It really provides a lot of excitement for those involved in the sex of a threesome. Sometimes the threesome can involve one of the guys as a submissive bottom for the other two. Sometimes the three will be involved in an intimate relationship together or just a casual thing. If you are involved in a gay threesome make sure to always practise safe sex. Make sure you and your partners get regular health checks. If you involved in a gay relationship and your interested in adding another lover for a threesome, then you need talk to your partner about this. Having a gay threesome can be a great experience.

In many gay relationships will will find one partner is the top and one is the bottom. A top is the partner that is on top during anal sex. He is the one to insert his penis in the bottoms anus. Being a top should not be confused with being a dominant. They are two different things. Though often you will find a top is also the dominant in a gay relationship. Being a top is not just a matter of placing your penis in your partners anus. There is a lot more to being a good gay top then that. Its important for a good top to understand that both should derive pleasure from the sex. A good gay top will know the right way for both to gain pleasure from anal sex.

Some men in a gay relationship are what is called versatile. This means they can be all things, top, bottom, dominant and submissive. They are happy to switch between the various roles, but sometimes prefer one role more then another. Being versatile is more common then being a top or a bottom.

Having a Gloryhole Party on a regular basis can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. Make sure to invite as many of your mates as you can. Organize a good glory hole in a comfortable place for everyone to use. Make the lights a little dim and make sure its a cool place. Will there just be one person in the glory hold doing the sucking or will you have two. Make sure the person who is doing the servicing knows how to do a good job. The more people at the party the busier the gloryhole will be all night. Having a few guys standing in line waiting their turn adds to the fun of the gloryhole party.

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