Female Led Relationship

In a Female Led Relationship the woman is in control of the relationship. She acts as the head of the relationship or marriage, leads and makes the decisions. Such a relationship is usually agreed on by the partners in advance or in the early stages of the relationship.

Sometimes a written contract or understanding is made. Such a control helps form a basis for the guidance of the relationship. Such a relationship is sometimes called a power exchange relationship. Some couple may agree on a total power exchange relationship.

Some research has shown an increase in this style of relationship. Other research has also shown a higher success rate in marriage when it is Female led.

In some cultures the Female Led Marriage is considered the way of life. Some women who believe in a Female Led relationship may take more then one partner in what may become a poly relationship.

In the Female Led Relationship the woman will usually make all the decisions on everything that happens in the marriage, the house and the life of the husband. She may consult sometimes with the husband on this, but in other relationships the wife will just simply make all decisions. The husband will often also have to follow a strict set of rules in the marriage. Often discipline and chastity are part of this type of relationship. The husband will be kept in chastity with the wife holding the key. The wife may also use discipline as a way of training the husband and keeping him obedient.

You may have heard about BDSM lifestyles, seen a few clips here and there depicting powerful women and submissive men, but you’re not quite sure what types of relationships actually exist. How much power do women actually have, and how do they control the men? While there are many iterations of power exchange relationships within BDSM, one of the most common and most ubiquitous is the Female Led Relationship (FLR). What is a Female Led Relationship? A Female Led Relationship is any serious, committed relationship where consenting partners agree that the woman is in charge. There are many levels of command the woman can take depending on the couple’s wishes and desires as well as activities common to BDSM that the couple can partake in, but it all depends on the individual situation. As long as the woman is in charge as is recognized as the person of power, a relationship can be considered a Female Led Relationship.

The least extreme Female Led Relationship couples agree to let the woman control the household. She may dictate chores, manage finances, decide what to eat and where to go, order her husband to stay at home or go to work to bring in an income, or simply command her husband/boyfriend to attend to her every need and wish. The male partner must comply with her demands, and he agrees to do as she says without question. His job is to listen to her and serve her needs, and he does so gladly. A basic Female Led Relationship like this may be kept secret, and many couples in this situation appear completely normal while out in public or even when friends come to visit the home.

The deeper the Female Led Relationship, the greater the commitment of the man. He may not only be asked to follow the demands of his wife, he may be expected to worship her and treat her as a goddess. He may be forced to act submissive at all times within the home and away both in bed and in regular day to day life. His level of commitment is determined by the agreement made when the Female Led Relationship begins, and the couple can certainly choose this more extreme commitment level.

Some Female Led Relationships also include discipline and punishment for disobedient behavior, obedience training, chastity training, and other BDSM aspects such as masochism, sissy training, and bondage. Not all Female Led Relationships do have these elements, but many do. Many Female Led Relationship couples choose this relationship because of their desire for a more intense, non-vanilla aspect to their lives, and many couples are drawn together for these emotional experiences which can be life altering and transformative. While there are many levels of Female Led Relationships, they are all based on letting the woman take her rightful place in charge. She will lead the family, make the decisions, and act as a goddess with her man serving her as she sees fit.

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