Female Led Poly Household

Sometimes in a poly household it will be a Female Led Poly Household. Usually a poly household is based on equality, but sometimes those involved prefer a Female Led Poly Household. There are some good advantages to this. It may be something your poly household wants to explore.

A female led household is common within the BDSM community. This however does not mean because a poly household is female led it will also involve BDSM. A female led poly household can often provide more stability and less problems.

For some women, monogamy is not enough, even when she is in charge of the relationship. It may not be that she doesn’t love her first partner or doesn’t enjoy his company and his worship, it’s just that she wants to extend her domain and share her lifestyle with many men. She may choose a Female Led Poly relationship. But juggling a poly household, one where there are multiple men that are all submissive to the female, is a tough, time­consuming experience, especially when all the men live together under one roof. So how exactly does it work? How does one strong, Dominant female rule an entire roost of submissive men in one Poly household?

The first rule of any Poly, Female Led household is that the woman is in charge absolutely. Her rules must be obeyed, her wishes and demands must be met. She controls the finances, dictates the completion of chores by the men, decides which man she will entertain, what social activities she or her partners will engage in, and even what foods will be served at a meal. The men hold no power or control unless she gives it to them, and the men must report to her for all decisions. All men in the house are expected to submit to her will at all times or they risk being expelled from the home. She will decide how many men are part of the home, and if she prefers the men to have a hierarchal pecking order, she can dictate the structure of their submission to one another.

To keep these men obedient, physical and verbal discipline methods are often employed. If one of the men in the house is disobedient, he may be punished by the Mistress or by one of the other males as the Mistress dictates. She may also choose to punish everyone in the house for the digression of one of the men just to teach them all a lesson. Punishment can range from simple verbal insults to time in isolation, spanking and whipping, loss of privileges, or any other activity that she feels will help the man become more obedient in the future.

Chastity training is often employed in Poly homes, especially to help control desires and jealousy. The Mistress of the home must work hard to ensure that the men, especially if there are many, don’t submit to fits of jealousy or vengeful rage against one another. Most times these jealous acts stem from sexual tension, and chastity training can help the men in the Poly home to learn to control their own urges in favor of pleasing the Mistress. However it is the Mistress’s will to have as many partners as often as she’d like, and the men must come to terms with her polygamous nature.

Female Led Poly homes are a unique arrangement that only work when the Dominant female is fully in command. Men must submit and follow her rules, and she must set decisive and fast guidelines to maintain obedience and avoid jealousy. When she does this, however, she can have an entire home filled with men devoted to her every need and wish, worshipping her feminine prowess.

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