With BDSM Face Slapping is often a very popular part of the scene for both the Dominant and the submissive. There are various levels of face slapping from low intensity to high intensity. Often the Mistress will start out slapping the slaves face with slow mild slaps and build over a period of time to hard slapping.

Often the submissive will be restrained during a heavy face slapping session. Especially if the face slapping is going to continue for an extended period of time.

Some Dominants enjoy face slapping the submissive in public. This may be at a private gathering or while out in public. Verbal abuse is also often part of face slapping with the Mistress verbally abusing the submissive. The act of face slapping a slave is also part of humiliation of the slave. Many slaves desire to be humiliated.

Sometimes a Mistress may like to use a glove during face slapping. Often the glove is plastic or rubber. Getting the slaves face red is part of the session. Many Mistress will enjoy hearing the slave beg for mercy. For many face slapping has become a very popular fetish.

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