With BDSM Face Slapping is often a very popular part of the scene for both the Dominant and the submissive. There are various levels of face slapping from low intensity to high intensity. Often the Mistress will start out slapping the slaves face with slow mild slaps and build over a period of time to hard slapping.

Often the submissive will be restrained during a heavy face slapping session. Especially if the face slapping is going to continue for an extended period of time.

Some Dominants enjoy face slapping the submissive in public. This may be at a private gathering or while out in public. Verbal abuse is also often part of face slapping with the Mistress verbally abusing the submissive. The act of face slapping a slave is also part of humiliation of the slave. Many slaves desire to be humiliated.

Sometimes a Mistress may like to use a glove during face slapping. Often the glove is plastic or rubber. Getting the slaves face red is part of the session. Many Mistress will enjoy hearing the slave beg for mercy. For many face slapping has become a very popular fetish.

Face slapping is something that is ubiquitous within the BDSM community, particularly as it relates to submission and slave play or training. And while everyone is familiar with this particular act in this context, not everyone is familiar with why it is used, or what the significance of the gesture can be. And just like everything in BDSM, each case is unique and different, so what is one way for one couple or group of people is not always the same for another. But face slapping is considered to be a pretty universal act within BDSM, however, and it carries a certain weight of both physical and emotional baggage, particularly when used effectively.

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Face slapping is commonly used within a submissive play or training session. It is often used to tease the slave, and itís accompanied by taunting or teasing of a diminishing nature. It might be that the submissive is getting too eager and the Dominant slaps his face to calm him down and put him back in his place. It might also be used to arouse the sub as the mouth is an extremely sensitive area. A slap to the face brings about a stinging sensation that can be considered erotic by those that desire pain, and it can help the sub to anticipate the coming encounter. It is also something that makes the moment more rough as face slapping alludes to discipline, and while for some this idea is appalling, for others, it is a trigger that excites, particularly when done by someone who is not abusive but loving in nature. It generates excitement beyond the normal stimulation methods.

Slaps to the face are also commonly used in a negative context, such as during play or training for humiliation, particularly when accompanied by name calling, teasing, or other negative comments. The slap itself carries a context that puts the sub at the bottom of the food chain and to do so on the face, a place of prominence on the body that is highly visible, doubles the weight of the gesture. Slapping the face also can leave a mark, a highly visible mark, that shows the other members of the household just how insignificant and powerless that member of the family is, how worthless they are. This isnít always negative, however, as it can bring about powerful emotions that become cathartic for the sub.

Face slapping is also used as a powerful form of discipline. Unlike other floggings, a slap to the face is something the sub can see coming, making it even more terrifying and effective. Being slapped in the face also brings about a powerful wave of emotions, something that can be exceeding uncomfortable for some subs. Many Dominant partners will use face slapping to punish particularly bad behavior or naughty behavior, and it can quickly bring about renewed enthusiasm for obedience as the gesture prominently reminds the sub of his place in the relationship. Face slapping is something that is quite common in BDSM, used for many purposes. It can hold a variety of meanings and contexts, but it is almost always meant to diminish the slave and elevate the Dominant, even if there are other intents involved. It is certainly not always negative, and for some couples, it is an excellent method to achieve catharsis, pleasure, arousal, closeness, obedience, and definition of roles, and itís here to stay in the BDSM community.

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